Friday, August 1, 2014

Daily Easter Egg #8: Star Fox's Slot Machine in Space

Yup, that is indeed a slot machine in space
I mean, the idea of a slot machine in space doesn't seem as weird when you compare it to the premise of Star Fox as a whole: talking animals piloting space ships. But, there's no denying that this easter egg is probably one of the strangest Nintendo has implemented in a game to date. If you thought that the slot machine by itself was weird, think again—just getting to it is a trip.
In the original Star Fox for the SNES, there is a secret level that is not shown on the map called "Out of this Dimension". To get to this level, the player must first travel to the Hard Asteroid Belt and seek out a strangely colored asteroid and destroy it.  Releasing from the explosion of the asteroid will be a gigantic space bird, which the player must then fly in to. Once inside this outer space behemoth, the player will fly past planets with faces (this must be where the moon in Majora's Mask is from) and the background in general will be all wobbly and distorted. Paper planes and rod-things are the only enemies here until the slot machine rolls in, bringing with it a chiptune version of "When the Saints Go Marching In". In order to "beat" this boss the player must "pull" the slot machine's lever by shooting it and get three lucky sevens, which will  then cause the machine to promptly self destruct. The staff credits will roll and at the end of them the words "The End" will be all scrambled. The player can shoot and re-arrange them until the end of time because there is no way to exit this level besides resetting the game. This egg is truly one of the weirdest and creepiest ones I've seen, and it's one that is definitely worth seeing for yourself. Click here to watch a video of the level and the boss fight.

"The End" indeed. The End of Nintendo's sanity, that is


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