Thursday, July 31, 2014

Daily Easter Egg #7: Super Mario RPG Nintendo Character Cameos

Samus resting up for her battle with Mother Brain
Link, the Hero of Hyrule taking a well deserved nap

In the 1996 SNES game Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, two notable Nintendo characters make an appearance. Everyone's favorite sword swinging, no pants wearing hero can be seen sleeping in the Rose Town Inn. After playing with Gaz, the player gets the chance to stay at the inn for free. The next morning, Link can be seen taking a snooze in one of the beds.
The next Nintendo character that makes an appearance is none other than Samus Aranand she appears twice! Between the Star Hill and Nimbus levels, Samus can be seen sleeping in the castle's guest room in the Mushroom Kingdom. The next time Samus makes an appearance is in the final room of Bowser's Tower. A box of dolls can be seen on the floor, and there is indeed a Samus doll in the box!

Samus is in the left hand corner of the box
This game is full of many other secrets as well. I'll eventually post them all so stay tuned!


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