Thursday, August 21, 2014

Daily Easter Egg #27: Alternative Gamecube Startup Screens

Oh, the nostalgia...

It is almost impossible to forget the startup jingles that video game consoles have. All of the weekends we spent playing games, and all of the days to come. Every time we start our adventures into whatever worlds we dive into, there will always be the iconic sounds from powering up. Every time I turned on my trusty Gamecube to play the many memorable games of my childhood, I would be greeted by the same tune. One day, by mistake, I held down the Z button on my controller while powering up, and was shocked with the brand new sounds of what seemed like a squeaking monkey and laughter. Turns out, I had found one of my first easter eggs.

Also, if you were to hold down the Z button on the controller on four separate controllers, the Gamecube start up would be that of chants, drums, and a Japanese man shouting. Take a look here!

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