Saturday, August 2, 2014

Daily Easter Egg #9: Sonic CD's Hidden Message

No, that's not terrifying at all O_O
This unsettling image can be accessed in Sonic CD by entering the Sound Test mode. Players can access Sound Test from the menu screen after it is unlocked by pressing down, down, left, right, A on the controller. Once in Sound Test mode, there will be either 2 or 3 inputs for numbers. If there are 3 inputs, the numbers that will unlock this image are 46, 12, and 25. If there are only 2 inputs, the last 2 numbers will unlock the image.
When the picture is unlocked, the boss music from the North American soundtrack will play. The images in the background are apparently Sonic with a Mario face A.K.A. nightmare fuel. The most unsettling thing about this hidden image is what the text says. When translated into English from Japanese, the top line says, "fun is infinite". The middle line says "Sega Enterprises", and the very last line can be interpreted as "Majin", which is Japanese for demon, devil, or genie. Some also speculate that Majin is a play on one of the developers' names, Masato Nishimura, because he included that signature in other games as well. Whether that's true or not, it doesn't make this hidden message any less creepy. It was removed from later versions of the game as result of it scaring unsuspecting kids, and generally being inappropriate for a game aimed at a younger audience (you know, because it mentions the devil and all). These types of easter eggs creep me out the most because they're so out of place and unnatural. To see the horror for yourself, click here.


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