Monday, August 18, 2014

Daily Easter Egg #25: Fire Emblem: Awakening and Quite Possibly the Smoothest Movie Reference Ever

One of the sleeper hits of 2013 has to be the character driven masterpiece that is Fire Emblem: Awakening. The 3DS title was the defibrillator to the aged franchise that was in desperate need of a good title to be relevant in the U.S. (Ike fighting for his friends in Smash Bros. couldn't keep gamers interested for long). The game was hailed by critics, and the lasting legacy has been pretty immediate.

Being so thick in plot and dialogue, there was bound to be a little elbow room for Nintendo to have some fun with easter eggs for the epic. Today's easter egg is clever little nod to what must be the development team's favorite action flick, Taken. In case you haven't seen it, Taken is essentially every overprotective parent's ultimate nightmare: A secret agent's daughter is kidnapped overseas and thrown into a situation that could nothing short of terrifying. There is one scene in particular that comes to mind to anyone who has seen the film.

When the Avatar confronts Gaius in a.....questionable situation, he begins getting super defensive, and spewing out all sorts of craziness. To the untrained eye, this little gem might slip by, but he makes a reference to Liam Neeson's incredible speech. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!

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