Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Easter Egg Spotlight: Classic Zelda Dungeon Themes Make an Appearance in Majora's Mask

The hit Zora band of Termina, the Indigo-Go's

Instead of doing a daily easter egg like I used to, I'd like to do more of an easter egg spotlight, highlighting my favorite easter eggs. Since I'm doing a few posts about Majora's Mask, I thought I'd do a quick little post about my favorite easter egg that I found in the game.
There's a band in Majora's Mask named the Indigo-Go's. They're a popular band in Termina that's made up of Zoras, the aquatic race of the Zelda universe. When you go to Zora's Cape, you can listen in on their rehearsals. Three members of the band play classic Zelda songs when they rehearse. The first time I listened to them  playing, I thought what they were playing sounded familiar, but it wasn't until I did a little research that I found out exactly what they were playing.

Tito the drummer plays the cave theme from A Link to the Past.

Japas the bass player plays the dungeon theme from the original Legend of Zelda.

Evan the keyboard/piano player plays the "Game Over" theme from  the original Legend of Zelda.

I tried to find individual in-game examples of this easter egg, but the closest thing I found was a Let's Play episode by Dekinosai on YouTube. He collects a few Heart Pieces, but eventually shows all of the Zora band members playing their easter egg tunes. I recommend you watch the video because this is a very fascinating easter egg, as well as a good example of the atmosphere of Majora's Mask. You can watch the video here.


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